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Black Carbon pollution research
Mediterranean 2017
scientist grisa mocnik


Dr. Griša Močnik, is the director of research and development of Aerosol d.o.o. – the developer and producer of the Aethalometer, the instrument for measurement of black carbon. He received his doctorate from the University of Ljubljana while working at Institute “Jozef Stefan”, and universities and institutes in the Netherlands, France and Germany, where he performed research on photothermal and photoacoustic methods for investigation of highly absorbing and scattering samples. Before that he studied physics at the University of Ljubljana.

Griša Močnik has been a principal investigator, researcher and scientific advisor in numerous development and research projects in the field of aerosol instrumentation and laser devices. His work is mostly focused on the development of filter based instrumentation for research of aerosol optical properties and application of this instrumentation – in particular measurement of black carbon and other light absorbing carbonaceous aerosols. His current research includes source apportionment of carbonaceous aerosol for local studies and in context of long range transport; vertical profiles of primary combustion products; and methods for emission measurements. He served as a member of the United Nations ECE expert group on Black Carbon.