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Aviation for Science
Black Carbon pollution research
Mediterranean 2017


Domen GraufDomen Grauf is experienced aviator. He holds several pilot licences and ratings, FI(A) ultralight.
GLWF: technical communication, FAI
Vojko Strahovnik

Vojko Strahovnik holds a bachelor’s degree in geography. Although he started his career in tourism, nature has been his basic field of interest since childhood.

GLWF: head of organisation


Andrej Velkavrh

Andrej Velkavrh meteorologist at Slovenian Environment Agency and enthusiastic mountain biker.
GLWF: world weather consultancy

Lidija HonzakLidija Honzak PhD degree in Biomedicine is an experienced manager, business coach and alpinist 
GLWF: financial consultancy, sponsors relations
Boris Mikuž

Boris Mikuž, is an experienced manager, athletics specialist, sports coach and pilot 
GLWF: financial consultancy, sponsors relations



Rado Likon

Rado Likon - MgA degree in TV and Film Camera at FAMU in Prague, is a member of ZFS, owner of video and film production and postproduction agency Cebram.
GLWF: film production

Andreja VrečarAndreja Vrečar graduated in Computer Science. She specialized in programing for Internet (PHP) and developing Flash multimedia applications.
GLWF: developing and maintaining GLWF portal
Petra DraškovičPetra Draškovič Pelc - PhD degree in Biomedicine is a researcher, traveler, photographer, tour guide and above all nature-lover.
GLWF: communication, translation, forum
Petar Damjanić

Petar Damjanić
Degree in political science, advisor for communication.
GLWF: public relations, sponsors relations

Nataša KrhenNataša Krhen is a sculptor and designer with many references in graphic, web and showroom design. 
GLWF: visual identity of GLWF project.